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Songkran Water Festival

Songkran is the Thailand Water Festival. It heralds the start of the rainy or monsoon season. It occurs early April and takes place over a few days.

Locals and tourists get into the spirit by splashing water and water based paint everywhere. They splash it in the streets, over people, in businesses, on cars, everywhere. It is truly crazy !

The spraying of water to passers by is considered good luck as they are in fact blessing you.

Songkran dinner is compulsory at most hotels during this period. Please factor this extra cost into your budget and keep that night free.

This festival is a real party period for the locals. They will drink for days with no sleep which can attribute to many accidents. It is estimated that hundreds of people every year die in the Songkran festival. That is not a misprint. Most due to drink driving related accidents. So please be careful on the roads if attending the festival !