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Calypso Cabaret (Bangkok)
Calypso Cabaret (Bangkok)
Highlights include:   Two hours of great music, singing and dancing Now at the Asiatique on the river Safe for the whole family Very talented p ...

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Pattaya is Thailand's most established and busiest beach resort area. Located on the west side of the Gulf of Thailand, approx. 150kms south-east of Bangkok, Pattaya is less than two hours drive away and is ideal for those looking for fun and sun close to the capital. It caters for all kinds of visitors and has every adventure you can think of on offer.


Pattaya was just a small fishing village in the 1960's and has slowly grown into the prime tourist mecca it is today. The most popular area of Pattaya is the 4km beachfront strip of hotels, bars, shops & restaurants which overlook the golden sands and palm trees of Pattaya Beach and the distant islands on the horizon. Once the sun goes down Pattaya comes alive with vibrant cabaret shows, bustling restaurants and hundreds of open-air bars.


With warm waters all year round Pattaya is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling, especially at the nearby Coral Islands like Koh Laan. Pattaya also has an abundance of water sports if you are feeling adventurous plus there are plenty of cheap sun lounges to hire if you just want to laze in the tropical sun with many beverage and food options at your feet on Pattaya of Jontien Beaches.