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Massage in Thailand

There are 2 main Thai Massages - Thai Oil and Traditional Thai. Costs vary depending on your location but on average the price is 200 Baht for per hour. Generally a massage takes 2 hours.

Hotel in-house rates are normally twice as expensive than street based rates but can be done in your own hotel room.

If you visit a large massage parlour, you can choose from up to 30 or more trained girls in varying ages over 18. Ask the manager for recommendations of the best masseur for your treatment.

Traditional Thai massage is an amazing massage. You walk out feeling like a new person, ready for sightseeing or more shopping. They stretch, pull and massage every muscle in your body (strictly no sex).

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If you have had previous back surgery, make sure you inform the girl before the message starts to the location. They some times walk along your spine in the treatment process.

Thai oil massage is more the slow deep muscle massage using the soft base of oil. It is very easy to fall asleep while receiving this massage.

Foot massages are also very popular as to are head and hand massages. These messages last from 1 to 2 hours and cost around 200 Baht per hour.