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Unless you are a Airline Frequent Flyer or a Business Class passenger, the maximum luggage you can put in the hold of the aircraft is 20 - 30kg. It is usually 30 kg for Frequent Flyer and Business Passengers and 40 kg for First Class passengers.

If you go over the limit the fee is approximately A$30 per kilo over. They usually will give up to 4 kg over the allowance before asking for an extra payment.

You can fit quite a large bag or two small bags in the overhead luggage area. I recommend a bag on wheels with the extendable arms to pull it along.

Be sure to never carry any items for anyone else. Also make sure you are the only one that packs your bags. You will be asked this by the airline before receiving your seat allocation.

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Pack minimal is the best idea as you can buy all you need around Thailand and you will appreciate the space for extra gifts and souvenirs you purchase.

While on Island day tours, I recommend that you use day lockers if you go swimming, for piece of mind. Usually costs around 20 Baht for the whole day.