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Mae Sa Elephant Camp (Chiang Mai)
Mae Sa Elephant Camp (Chiang Mai)
Re known around the world as the best elephant camp in Thailand, Mae Sa Elephant Camp features elephant parades, musical talent shows, dancing, soccer ...

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Located approximately 1000 kilometres from Bangkok in the south of Thailand, Krabi is surrounded by some of the best beaches like Railway Beach and majestic islands of Phang-Nga Bay. It is one of the newest major destinations for tourists traveling to Thailand with many making the 3 hour drive from Phuket or using the Krabi Airport.


Due to its geography and unique natural rough terrain it has become a hot spot for adventures like sea kayaking and canoeing through limestone caves and coves and along the towering cliffs. This is why the region was previously used as locations to hide for Asian pirates. The mangrove swamps and lush forests have still remained as they were eons ago so a tour along the river which passes through Krabi Town is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the surrounding environment.


First settled in 2500 BC, many archeologists have found skeletal remains of humans and artifacts of pottery. Also unearth are coloured paintings on limestone cliffs. About 200 years after the capitalisation of Bangkok an elephant community was also established in Krabi by the then governor Chao Phraya Nakorn.


The best way to see the unique coastline and beaches is by authentic long-tail boat originating from Krabi Town. Visit Ao Nang, a sleeply little sea side village or visit Fossil Beach where the shore is lined with a 75-million year old shell fossil cemetery.