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Travel Insurance is a must

Simply a Must have ! The old rule is "If you cannot afford travel insurance you cannot afford to travel".

Renting a Moped ? You must have an Australian motorcycle licence and a International Drivers Permit for your Australian travel insurance to cover you if involved in an accident.

Cost varies around A$120 for 2 weeks of travel. This is for full health coverage plus around $3000 coverage for equipment like a notebook computer or jewelry. Some insurance companies will charge an excess on any claim.

If you have been robbed while in Thailand, ring the Travel Police on 1555. This is a national Thailand number. You must produce a local police report to be paid out by your insurance company when you get back home. After you ring the travel police, ring the insurance hotline number provided by your insurance company. When you pay for your travel insurance you will receive this emergency contact information.

Try to keep your important documents like monies and personal effects in the hotels safety deposit box near reception.

Try also to keep a photocopy of your passport, air tickets, vouchers, insurance and travelers cheques in a separate location in case the originals get stolen.

Are you a frequent traveler ? Why not go for an Annual Travel Insurance option. Expect to pay $350 for years 18 - 60. You will pay less if under 18, and more if over 60.