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For first time travelers to the "Land of Smiles', the pungent smells can easily overwhelm sensitive stomachs. This is most prevalent while walking the streets where the sewer system is just a few feet deep under the walking pavement right next to the road. They have small air holes in the cement pavement which releases the odor. Having a handkerchief close by is recommended. Also fresh meat and fish markets with no refrigeration can be easily overcoming by the smell.

It must be also noted that Thai's use the Asian squat style toilet. Western style hotels have western toilets, but expect public toilets and toilets in service stations to be the Thai style. Take some travel tissues with you in your day travel bag is a good tip.

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When at nightclubs and some pubs, make sure you have small change available to tip the toilet lady. Toilets in nightclubs are usually western style.

Vaccinations are recommended prior to visiting the Kingdom of Thailand. Please check with your local doctor for the latest information on vaccinations.

Other hygiene tips include:

  • Do not drink or gargle the local water
  • Buy only bottled water
  • Take diarrhea pills with you
  • Wash sweaty clothing regularly