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Thai cuisine has to be one of the main reasons to travel to Thailand. From cheap hand pushed mobile street venders to exclusive restaurants, Thailand has it all.

Available in abundance are local fruits, seafood, meats like chicken, pork and beef, sweets, pastries and even cocked insects (that's right).

The local seafood available is amazing as it is fresh daily. Many restaurants have a seafood selection buffet on ice out the front of their restaurants.

A walk along Patong Beach Road, Pattaya Beach Road or Koh Samui Beach Roads at night you will see a huge range of live seafood you can buy per 100 per grams.

Purchase treats like lobster, huge river prawns, fish and mussels all cooked to the way you like it. In Phuket, you can buy the famous Phuket Lobster for about 130 Baht per 100 grams with the average lobster weighing around a kilo (1000 grams). In the main tourist areas you will also find specific foods on offer like Indian, German, Russian, Greek and Spanish cuisines.

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Expect to also see every fast food chain near the main tourist areas in Thailand. Usually not as good value as the local food, but can be a welcome home sick comfort meal. We also take Vegemite from home, to have on toast for breakfast some mornings, for a familiar start to the day.

I highly recommend the pork kebabs from the street food vendors. Costs locals 5 Baht, but for tourists they charge 10 Baht per kebab. Extremely tasty, good value, and delicious after a night out sampling the local beers.

When your back home and you feel like cooking up some Thai food, we recommend this web site for 100+ full Thai recipes.

Whole fruits like local pineapple are sweet and delicious. Costs 10 Baht, is peeled and is cut up in a bag with a kabab stick to eat it with. To receive your food bill, just say "Check Bin''. It is the same as "Cheque Please". Try to give a small tip if you enjoyed your meal. 10% is a good start to show your appreciation.

We also recommend that you take diarrhea tablets from Australia just incase you get a tummy ache. Always better to be safe than sorry.