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Departing Australia:

Knowing the limits of what you can take into Thailand is extremely important. Going over the limit or arriving with a banned item can be very costly.

I would recommend packing as least as possible so as not to pay an excess baggage fees when departing Thailand.

You are allowed - per person - 1 litre of Alcohol (1.125 litre is okay) and 1 carton of cigarettes to buy duty free in Australia before arriving in Thailand.

Do not pack your duty free goods in your main luggage as you are required to give a document stapled to your goods to the duty free officer after going through passport control.

Arriving into Bangkok:

Make sure you fill in the white arrivals passenger card of which you only receive on the plane.

I recommend that you get to the passport control line as soon as possible as it is possible to wait in line for an hour to get processed if it is at night and other flights have also just arrived. Baggage collection is also a slow process.

Departing Bangkok:

Expect delays at passport control when leaving during the day time.

I recommend that you check in as early as possible (get your departure tax) and then head to passport control and also the duty free shopping/lounge areas.

Do not purchase fake weapons in Thailand. If you purchase any swords do make sure you pack them in your main luggage and not in your carry on luggage.

You also must have export licenses for Antiques and images of Buddha. It is said that you can expect bad luck (bad karma) if you take any artifacts away from Thailand.

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Arriving into Australia:

The chances are you will have to declare goods arriving into Australia. Any wood, shell, plant or animal products must be declared.

Be aware that when you purchase items like bongo drums with pig skin covering or straw filled triangle shaped Axe Cushions, you will have to get them gamma radiated when arriving back in Australia.

This is done in Sydney and costs a minimum of A$60 for 2 items to be treated. This takes around one month, payable up front (credit card is okay), and you have to pick up the goods from the airport or have them shipped to you with you paying the shipping fee. This can make a couple of bargains not so cheap, so factor this into your purchase price.     

Coming back into Australia you are allowed per person 2 litres of Alcohol (2 x 1.125 litre is okay) and 50 cigarettes to buy duty free in Thailand or Australia before going through customs. You have to declare any more than 1 litre of alcohol on your customs form at immigration. Also, cash in excess of A$10000 must be declared.

You cannot bring into Australia or Thailand any fruit, meat, vegetables or weapons.