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It is said that there are three seasons in Thailand:

  • Hot and Dry is around March to June
  • Warm and Rainy is around July to October
  • Warm and Less Humid (Winter) is around November to February.

Most of southern Thailand can be said to really only have 2 seasons - wet and a dry, with the temperature the same all year round.

In northern cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai it can be quite cool at nights during November to February. The humidity is low and it is a great time to travel.

The humidity is the real scorcher in Thailand at around 70 - 80% all year. So expect to sweat in non air conditioned areas. Average temperatures range from 20 - 35 degrees celsius.

Take extra singlets and underwear. Thongs or sandals are preferable. You can get into nightclubs in shorts, if a tourist, so dress for comfort is the rule.

Make sure you take one rain jacket for rainy days and a jumper for the flight to Thailand. I am sure the cabin temperature on board planes these days is around 16 degress celsius