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Bangkok is Thailand's vibrant capital. Established in 1782, it is a blend of traditional Asia and bustling city life. It is a destination for a variety of interests, so everyone should include Bangkok on their holiday adventure list. Whether you are interested in shopping, nightlife, temples, religion, traditional Thai culture, or if you are just on a stop-over, you will enjoy what Bangkok has to offer.


Bangkok city is located on the Chao Phraya River, which flows south into the Gulf of Thailand. It is a huge city packed with over six million people - a startling mix of vast wealth and poverty. City traffic is heavy and hectic but getting around Bangkok is cheap and easy. The efficient and very quick Sky Train and Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) can take you all over the city or grab a Tuk Tuk for an experience not to be forgotten.


Bangkok is the gateway to the rest of the Kingdom and with the International and Domestic airports located next to each other, transfers are quick and convenient. Thus it is the prime starting point to visit the lush Himalayan foothills of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north; the tropical beauty of Phuket and exotic islands in the south; and the cosmopolitan beach areas at nearby Pattaya.


Bangkok central takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from the International and Domestic airports depending on your hotel location, time of day and weather. One tip is to allow heaps of time to get to and from the airport if your transfer is during business hours.

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