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Hot Springs Waterfall (Krabi)
Hot Springs Waterfall (Krabi)
Only 20 minutes from the Emerald Pool, you will find the most amazing volcanic heated naturally formed baths that cascade down about ten metres to the ...
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Bangpae Waterfalls (Phuket)


Situated between the airport and Patong Beach this waterfall is a popular attraction mainly to local Thai's.


The waterfall is a series of cascading rock falls on multiple level where you can stop and relax and have a swim.


Particularly in summer. you will find this retreat a glorious location to cool down and chill out.


At the entrance to the waterfalls you will find food, beverage and souvenir stalls.

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October 24, 2012

First let me say I think you've picked the right place to go. Every time I go to Thailand I lose wigeht and I'm not even trying to. The place is very hot and humid and you sweat a lot (drinks lots of water!) which is not only cleansing but helps burn fat. I know some people say you only lose water-weight from sweating but it's not true. When you're body is in that kind of heat it burns a lot of calories trying to cool itself down. (Honestly, when I'm there I eat and drink with reckless abandon and I come home thinner from all the walking around and constant sweating).As far as which activity, I agree with the other posters that Muay Thai would be a great way to get in shape. Even if you're not into fighting, the training is intense and works your whole body. Plus, if anyone ever messes with you you'll be good at defending yourself.Muay Thai used to be a Thai only sort of thing but now they've become open to training foreigners. If Muay Thai isn't for you, or you want a variety you could also head up north and go trekking. They have different kinds of programs and some of them can be pretty physical. We're talking lots of hiking. The other great thing about Thailand is there's tons of local fresh fruit and vegetables, and the Thai diet is pretty healthy. Being away from processed food for 30 days will surely do your system some good. Man, I can't wait to go back. Good luck.References :

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