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Koh Lanta Island (Krabi)
Koh Lanta Island (Krabi)
Reminisent of what Phuket would have been like 30 years ago, the relaxing island of Koh Lanta in southern part of Krabi Province is a great place to u ...
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Elephant Trekking (Phuket)


There are many elephant treks to choose from in the hills above Patong, Kata, Chalong plus other locations around the island.


The wild native elephants of Phuket Island were nearly made extinct after the logging trade on the island was banned around 1990. Luckily the tourism side of Phuket has given them a new lease on life with the pachyderms now being used for hill side treks.


Extremely agile for their lass mass, experiencing an elephant ride/trek is a must at least once.


Supporting the various elephant trek businesses on Phuket Island means that these large majestic creatures can be kept in the wild and not roaming the main tourist hubs looking for food donations and fares for short rides.


During the early years white elephants were exclusively for the use for kings and other members of the royal families. Additionally in previous wars up to and including World War Two, they were also used in combat similar to horses were in Europe.

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