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Siam Niramit (Bangkok and Phuket)
Siam Niramit (Bangkok and Phuket)
A true must see for any visitor to Bangkok or Phuket. Siam Niramit is a world class multi award winning show that magically details the cultural histo ...
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Crocodile Farm and Reptile Zoo (Koh Samui)


Situated only 5 minutes from the popular accommodation centre of Chaweng Beach is the 8500 square metre tropical garden of which the farm and zoo is established within its surrounds.


The farm and zoo currently breeds five different crocodile species and has about 80% of all snake species found in Thailand.


The attraction, which is close to Samui Airport, features two afternoon crocodile shows. You will also find other species such as lizards and monkeys at the farm and zoo.

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