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Travel Tips - Accommodation in Thailand

Thailand has so many levels of accommodation with lodgings to suit any budget. Main tourist areas cater for the budget conscious traveler with basic fan rooms from A$10+ per night (fan room) to exclusive 5 star palatial retreats for A$500+ per night.

Most three star plus hotels include a Western/Asian buffet breakfast in the room charge. The food quality can vary and if your hotel does not include breakfast or you feel like a change, look for cheap restaurants around most hotels for alternative options.

Internet Access: Most hotels offer in house internet cafes, or be it a few computers shared over one phone line. Connections are sometimes slow plus the price is normally 5 times the street price. So for better quality service and a better price look for your closest Net Café as they are everywhere. On Smaller Islands like Koh Phi-Phi (near Phuket) or Koh Toa (near Koh Samui) you can expect very slow connections with the mainland.

Room Rates: Pricing is usually half of what you would pay for similar lodgings in Australia. I recommend air conditioning as a must and is usually always included.

Room Service: Usually good value in price and quality. Room service also usually attracts a 10% service charge and a VAT Tax of 7%. Most menus include Asian, Western and European selections.

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Power Supply:
Voltage is 220 volts via 2 flat pins. Make sure you get the Australian 3 pin to Thailand 2 pin adapter. It is recommended to get the pin converter before you leave to allow you use your own appliance/devices. Airport Duty Free is a good place to pick up the right one (tax free after you clear immigration). For example, your battery chargers, hair dryers and notebooks computers will require an adapter. In the non-city areas like Pattaya, you can expect frequent power outages in rain storms so make sure you backup your data often.

Safety Deposit Boxes:
Most hotels offer key based safety deposit boxes for free, usually at a separate desk at reception. This is usually a 24hr service. Keep your key safe as most places charge around US$50 to replace the key if you lose it. I would recommend you keep your credit cards, flight tickets, passport, extra cash and/or traveler cheques in there. I have had no problem with theft, but it is best to be safe so not to spoil your adventures in Thailand. Many hotels also have in room safes.     

Sleeping: The best thing after a hard days sightseeing is a good sleep. Since Thailand is always on the go, places like Bangkok, Patong Beach (Phuket) and Pattaya can always be noisy from the traffic, discotheques, car horns, hotel entertainment and intoxicated tourists in your hotel. So go to the chemist before you leave and grab yourself a pack of small foam ear plugs. Not only will they give you a great sleep in your hotel but also on your plane flights. Eye shades also are a great sleeping aid if you feel like sleeping in after a big night out or on plane flights.